From The Dark To The Light…Life Lessons From Late Night Host, CoCo

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

I want to say right off the top that I have never seen a complete episode of any show that Conan O’Brien has hosted including his last night on The Tonight Show. It’s absolutely nothing personal toward CoCo –  I’m just not a “night hawk” and if for some reason I’m actually awake past 11:00pm, it’s not because I’m hangin’ in to watch any opening monologue or interview with a big star. If the spot is really that good, the Today Show will air it the following morning, anyway.

That all being said, after watching a clip of Conan’s “farewell speech” from the Tonight Show desk, was nothing short of graceful and inspiring.

After weeks of punchlines and zingers that made light of the reality that the winds of change was blowing right through his studio and he was losing what he thought was going to be his for a very long time, last night he spoke from the heart and used the situation as a bit of a teaching moment to the young viewers who were undoubtedly watching and sad to see their hero brought down by the suits at NBC.

Here’s what I love about what Conan conveyed in those few minutes…

- he focused on what HE HAS, rather than what HE HAD – he was aware of the abundance that still exists despite the unwanted change that has taken place in his career

- he was loud and proud about doing the show exactly the way he wanted to and has no regrets because he was true to himself while working in the late night “institution”

- he was full of GRATITUDE for the opportunities he has received from NBC and that it’s totally cool that he had something so big to lose in the first place

- he focused on the positive outcomes of his long relationship with NBC even though they’re breaking up now (please send video link or my blog post to all the divorced people you know)

and my absolute favourite…

- he used this challenging moment to raise people’s awareness to the fact that you can attract great abundance in your life if you work hard and match that effort with being a KIND PERSON – it was his way of saying that ability can take you so far, but when you layer on all sorts of high energy (humour, compassion, generosity, etc.), you are fulfilling your greater purpose to be a SPARK OF LIGHT and when that happens, the universe will do back flips and hand springs for you!

Life is full of surprises (just ask CoCo), and after not being interested in a thing that this man has ever had to say, I am a huge fan. Conan showed his humanity and spoke the truth about the miracles that will unfold when you lead from the HEART rather than the EGO at work and in life.

Good bye, CoCo. I am totally going to watch whatever you debut in September because you are a spark of light in a dark, late night world and you did it your way.

Big Love,


Want Greater Support From Your Teammates?

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

I say take a page out of the “NCIS” script.

I have never seen an episode of this tv show, but I did watch an interview of one of the show’s stars, Rocky Carol. Rocky was on The View (I challenge you to withhold judgement in this moment) and he was talking about the program’s success and how much of it is due to the choices that the writers make.

Rocky said that the reason that they have such a loyal following of viewers is because the writers display the character’s humanity and vulnerability by including scenes that shine a light on their relationships with each other, their personal struggles, and unique senses of humour. Rocky went on to explain that he believes that these scenes which expose all sides of the character, enhance the viewers’ empathy for them when the #$!@ hits the fan and they are in some serious danger. The stakes go way up because they care about them as people.

Are you inspiring peeps that you work with like a writer of NCIS?

I want you to consider the powers of bringing humanity and vulnerability to your role on the team.

I sense you might be cringing when I say the word, “vulnerability”. In case you think I’m suggesting that you turn your team meetings into group therapy sessions, let me clear this one up. In the dictionary, “vulnerability” means to “let one’s guard down”, but somewhere along the way it started to be synonymous with weakness or a major flaw in one’s character – not so at all.

Again, in light of what Rocky said about NCIS viewers giving a bigger damn about the characters because they got frequent glimpses into the characters as real human beings with unique personalities and senses of humour, I want you to consider using this same strategy on your team.

If you want to foster more support and empathy between you and your team mates, create space and time to share your humanity and vulnerability with them. If you want to feel like your team mates “have your back” (Sandra Bullock would be cheering right now if she read my blog), let them get to know you as a human being and bring your personality and spirit to work.

Many teams don’t produce genuine teamwork because they simply don’t accept their humanity. Make this culture shift together and watch the dynamics and level of support improve. Why? Because we’re human and we humans are much more inspired to help and rescue each other when we know each other on a personal level.

Raise the stakes, baby.

Take a page out of the NCIS script. When it comes to increasing support on your team, embrace that you are indeed a bunch of humans which means that you are all imperfect, emotional and one of a kind.

Let your guard down and watch your ratings on the team RISE.

Big Love,


There’s Lots More Where That Came From!

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

I, like many people, have been praying for the people of Haiti since the devastating earthquake and after-shocks took place there this past week. I, like many people, went online and made a donation to offer the little help I can give. A few minutes after I sent my donation, an email arrived in my inbox and it was someone offering to pay me to speak at their upcoming event. I smiled at the timing because I truly believe that any thoughts and actions that demonstrates abundance attracts future situations, events, and people that contribute to our abundance.

Do you have a similar story? Maybe it’s on a smaller or larger scale, but you’ve probably had the opportunity to be generous in spirit by giving your time, energy, money, or any other kind of resources to others and then received some kind of abundance rather soon after.

The universe works quite like a search engine – it simply gives us what we focus on.

Being generous in some way is you focusing on your abundance of that particular thing because, hey, let’s be honest, you wouldn’t be doling it out if you thought you had a seriously limited supply. We give stuff away when we have that feeling that we can access that stuff whenever we darn well feel for it. You can’t give away what you don’t have. That’s an oldie-but-a-goodie for a reason.

Sharing stuff that’s pretty important to you is a big ol’ message to the universe that you have an unlimited supply – it’s like throwing your head back, looking at the sky and yelling, “There’s lots more where that came from!!!” What happens next? You discover that yes indeed, there is lots more where that came from. On the flip side, hoarding resources is a fearful state of mind and a strong focus on lack and that search engine (aka the universe) gives you exactly what you’re thinking and talking about: NOTTA. The big goose egg.

This whole abundance-abundance and lack-lack thing comes down to vibes. The universe is a search engine and a mirror. It not only gives you what you focus on, but it also matches the vibes that you are giving out. Vibes are a short form for vibrations and vibrations are attached to every thought and feeling we have. Negative thoughts (which are a form of negative energy) attract negative energy and positive thoughts (which are a form of positive energy) attract positive energy.

The vibe matching that goes on comes to you in the form of future situations, events, and people in your life that have the same vibe. A simple example of this is when you’ve felt like you were on a roll. There’s the vibes being matched…the “snowball effect” is another term for it. When I made that donation to the Canadian Red Cross, that focus on abundance and those “good vibrations” attracted that new client and source of income to land in my email inbox. Cool. I helped with money and the universe brought me more money. I’m on roll.

Want more of something? Release the fears you have about there not being enough. Because there is enough of everything. Loosen the tight clutch you have placed around it and GIVE IT AWAY. Be generous of spirit and show the universe that there’s lots more where that came from. And then wait for the magic to happen. As law of attraction guru and author, Michael Losier , says, “You get what you think about, whether you like it or not.” Big Love, susan

SHOULD I go to yoga class?

Monday, January 11th, 2010

So, how are your doing on your intentions/resolutions for the new year?

If you read my last post, I had quite a lengthy list and I’m doing okay with executing my fine plans. Like President Obama, I too give myself a B+. I’m doing most things, but still have yet to take a bloody yoga class at my gym. Will someone please take me by the hand, throw my mat down on the floor and force my appendages into a tree pose? Please!

This is not a post about determining if you have passed or failed the mid-January-intentions-check-up-test. No, it doesn’t matter if you’re a resolution rockstar or making each Monday in January your “new new year”.

What I wanted to ask you is this: do any of your plans for this year start with any “shoulds”? “I should do this.” “I should do more of that.” “I should be more like Susan Stewart.” I hear that last one ALL THE TIME.

“Shoulds” are intentions/resolutions brought to you by the letter G, the number 17, and your EGO – the voice inside of you that keeps you on that straight and narrow so you perform the necessary functions of life like making a little money, putting a roof over your head and partaking in personal hygiene. Your ego is your view of yourself based on what you have, what you’ve accomplished, what people think or say about you, blah, blah, blah. This is precisely why the ego is so darn good at making sure we take care of ourselves to whatever degree we do. The ego has a place in the world and that is in the world of us not leaving our homes naked.

You should put clothes on before you leave your house, but should you be doing something on your list of intentions/resolutions for 2010?

Did you put it on your list because you are your slimmer/healthy body or you are your flossed teeth or you are your tidy office? Hey, exercise, flossing and a tidy work space are all fabulous situations, but an intention or resolution will feel like an authentic DESIRE if you would do it even if no one knew you were doing it or could tell you were doing it. A desire is when the timing is right for your soul to embrace it into its life.

The timing is right when you will want to rather than feel that you need to.

Authentic desires don’t come from the ego because you don’t have thoughts about yourself being anything more with it in you life…it’s about your life being MORE.

That item on your list is probably a desire rather than a “should” if you have made it part of your life over the last 11 days.

So, I’m thinking yoga might be a “should” for me. It’s 11 days in and still haven’t gone. Sometimes I want to try yoga and sometimes I think that I should because I write and speak about wellness. I am the amount of activities that I do which are aligned with what I write and speak about. You can go back and forth between both voices, by the way. New rule.

We shall see what voice is calling me there….

Review your list. Get rid of the “shoulds” so you can create the space and time for what makes your soul do the cha-cha-cha and leads you to experience even more joy.

That’s why you’re here, afterall.

Big Love,