From The Dark To The Light…Life Lessons From Late Night Host, CoCo

I want to say right off the top that I have never seen a complete episode of any show that Conan O’Brien has hosted including his last night on The Tonight Show. It’s absolutely nothing personal toward CoCo –  I’m just not a “night hawk” and if for some reason I’m actually awake past 11:00pm, it’s not because I’m hangin’ in to watch any opening monologue or interview with a big star. If the spot is really that good, the Today Show will air it the following morning, anyway.

That all being said, after watching a clip of Conan’s “farewell speech” from the Tonight Show desk, was nothing short of graceful and inspiring.

After weeks of punchlines and zingers that made light of the reality that the winds of change was blowing right through his studio and he was losing what he thought was going to be his for a very long time, last night he spoke from the heart and used the situation as a bit of a teaching moment to the young viewers who were undoubtedly watching and sad to see their hero brought down by the suits at NBC.

Here’s what I love about what Conan conveyed in those few minutes…

– he focused on what HE HAS, rather than what HE HAD – he was aware of the abundance that still exists despite the unwanted change that has taken place in his career

– he was loud and proud about doing the show exactly the way he wanted to and has no regrets because he was true to himself while working in the late night “institution”

– he was full of GRATITUDE for the opportunities he has received from NBC and that it’s totally cool that he had something so big to lose in the first place

– he focused on the positive outcomes of his long relationship with NBC even though they’re breaking up now (please send video link or my blog post to all the divorced people you know)

and my absolute favourite…

– he used this challenging moment to raise people’s awareness to the fact that you can attract great abundance in your life if you work hard and match that effort with being a KIND PERSON – it was his way of saying that ability can take you so far, but when you layer on all sorts of high energy (humour, compassion, generosity, etc.), you are fulfilling your greater purpose to be a SPARK OF LIGHT and when that happens, the universe will do back flips and hand springs for you!

Life is full of surprises (just ask CoCo), and after not being interested in a thing that this man has ever had to say, I am a huge fan. Conan showed his humanity and spoke the truth about the miracles that will unfold when you lead from the HEART rather than the EGO at work and in life.

Good bye, CoCo. I am totally going to watch whatever you debut in September because you are a spark of light in a dark, late night world and you did it your way.

Big Love,


One thought on “From The Dark To The Light…Life Lessons From Late Night Host, CoCo

  1. Kathy Stewart

    It is my belief that Conan received a helping hand from the Universe. Often we perceive interventions like this as nasty, dark or in some cases downright unfair. I believe that from this move, Conan will be the winner. The trick is to see the truth and accept graciously because the less resistance we put up, the easier it is to move forward. It is also a step up as well. Sometimes in life we need that “little push” to make the move. It’s the silver lining of some event in one’s life. I think I hear Fox Network on the phone!

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