Watch Your Words: How To Avoid A Wine Fiasco

Monday, March 21st, 2011

Who’s going to take care of this fiasco?

This is a question I overheard a certain LCBO employee ask her colleague at an LCBO location I was at this past weekend as I was shopping for some essentials for the home. What was happening a half hour from then was that the LCBO was releasing some brand of fancy shmancy red wine to its customers – the wine is so fancy shmancy that the LCBO was limiting each sale to one bottle per person. Yes, that fancy shmancy. I guess this LCBO employee was anticipating that a wine sale war zone was about to break out in roughly 30 minutes time and was wondering which brave soldier in their platoon was going to be sent into the trenches.

It was going to be a fiasco.

A WINE fiasco.


As I can only assume that this woman wants to live a long time and enjoy herself on this earth, here are 2 things I would have liked to say to her if it was any of my damn business:

#1: Put the crystal ball down, girl…because you don’t know what’s going to happen in 30 minutes, everything is possible! If you look back, you’ll probably notice that many of your past predictions didn’t end up playing out the way you thought they would. Use that data going forward to catch yourself going all clairvoyant like that and to remind yourself how much you don’t really know. There is peace by realizing you don’t know how the future is going to turn out. When you say something negative about a future event with any amount of certainty, that’s limited thinking. Challenge your limited thinking by asking yourself if what you have just about the future is true. It’s never true – our thoughts about the future are always stories.

#2: Watch your words. Big, scary words like “fiasco“, “disaster”, and “crisis” don’t have any place in an LCBO unless you guys go on strike and in that case, I get to use those words too! Be aware of when you tell yourself stories that don’t work for you – that don’t support you in your desires to feel good and have fun no matter what comes your way.

In this case of the fancy shmancy wine sale, “fiasco” is the story, and “unique retail challenge” is the truth. Which one are you interested in facing?

When you focus on the truth, it can’t help but seem lighter than the fictional version. When you use a word like “fiasco” to describe a situation involving selling wine, you end up indicating to your body (and the body of the colleague beside you) that there is imminent danger. Your body doesn’t know the difference between your dramatic words and reality. Uttering the word “fiasco” tells  your body to release stress hormones from its adrenal glands – it’s time for the good ol’ stress response to kick in. If you tell yourself and others stories often enough for long enough, that can shorten your life and just by standing beside you listening to your story, that colleague of yours is probably not going to live as long as he once was…just sayin’. Health concerns aside, when you use big, scary words to describe a simple work-related challenge, you transform yourself into a HUMAN ENERGY HOOVER who removes all the positive energy within a 150 metre radius of where you stand. You don’t want to be someone who sucks, right?


Watch your words because the truth is always lighter than the story.

Big Love,