How Consciousness Can (and most likely will) Solve The Other Energy Crisis

Maybe once or twice you’ve uttered the phrase, “I just don’t have the energy I used to.

Recently someone said to me, “The energy I had when I was young is long gone now.” The poor thing sounded like her energy was the other thing that thug took when he snagged her purse.

We talk about our energy like it inevitably dwindles with age much like our cares about what other people think.

Aging is inevitable, but there’s nothing inevitable about your rate of aging…or your energy levels.

You’re very much in charge.

You create your experience.

You want more energy? Wake up. Pay attention to your thoughts. Live and work with a higher level of consciousness.

Stressful mind-chatter eats up your energy like it just got outta jail.

Need more proof in that pudding? Cut to that night (or those nights) that you lied in bed with your eyes wide open…’cause you were stressing about something and that mind-chatter was keeping you up until dawn like a brand new lover.¬†But you’re not that good kinda tired.¬†Sigh…

Change your mindset, change your energy levels.

There’s proof of that too. Think about the times in your life when you were one rocking’ ball of energy. What were you up to? Yes, you were away on a holiday…you were on vacation! Oh yeah, baby…you felt like you were twenty-five again, didn’t you? There you were, walking miles and miles of a sandy beach each morning for a week! There you were, marching up and down the streets of a major cosmopolitan city shopping for eight to ten hours straight! “No, we can’t stop for lunch! Let’s keep going!” Oh there you were, trudging up and down the cobblestone lanes of those little European towns like a champion!

And then you got back to work. You could hardly muster up the chutzpa to go to the bathroom. As you were gathering the strength to stand up from your chair, it suddenly became too much and you decided to hold it and go at lunch because you were headed in that direction then anyway.

Oh, how the mighty had fallen.

It’s frustrating to not have the energy you want for work…hell, for life! I don’t know about you, but I find it very frustrating when I make it to the end of the week…it’s Friday night…and there I am at home asleep on the couch by nine o’clock. That’s sexy.

Thankfully we can access more energy by quieting our minds, focusing on the present moment, and choosing more peaceful thoughts that aren’t nearly as hungry as the stressful kind.

Change your mindset, change your energy levels.

Consciousness can help you party on a Friday night like rock star. Just be aware of how you are seeing the world and thinking about the world.

Choose thoughts that help you RISE and SHINE.

Maybe you DO have the energy you used to. Maybe it’s all in your head.

Big love,


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