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The Art & Practice Of Not Taking Your Thoughts Too Seriously

One of the most common causes of taking life too seriously is that you’re stuck in your head. You’re simply thinking too much. The reason babies and children are so damn happy and at peace with the word is that they have quiet minds – they haven’t started to worry or give meaning to the… Read More

Do You Believe What Life Has Shown You Time And Time Again?

When it comes to living with more ease, I’m the first one to sing the praises of hanging out in the present moment, however, I will now contradict myself and recommend looking back at your past. By gazing back at the path behind you, you will notice that life has some habits and patterns in… Read More

Crisis Or Opportunity? It Depends On How You Look At It…

The Chinese character used for the word, “crisis”, is the same character used for the word, “opportunity”. When I discovered that fact, I thought it was rather appropriate because those two experiences are synonymous. As I scan my life for those times when the !@#$ hit the fan, I see how it was also some… Read More

Why It’s Best To Always Be The Hero (the fine art of re-framing your struggles)

Whatever is going on in your life right now – setbacks, slowdowns, complications, heart ache, or frustrations (call me psychic), rather than resisting and resenting these challenges, view them more like a quest you have been sent on like you’re a character in Camelot. See yourself as the intrepid and brave soul who has been… Read More

5 Truths About Happiness

1. There is a difference between fleeting happiness and long-term happiness. Fleeting happiness is short-lived and almost entirely created by your external circumstances. If you are on a beach in Mexico sipping a margarita on a warm, sunny day, you are probably going to be happy. Other the other hand, being a happy person (experiencing long-term… Read More

The Required Tension In Your Life (Lean Into The Struggle, Baby…Lean In)

“The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.” – Swami Vivekananda, Indian Philosopher and Spiritual Leader With life comes struggle. To know that truth, to be aware of it, and to accept it is where grace lies. To celebrate struggle is another thing – that takes gratitude. Knowing that struggle is… Read More