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When Stress Sets In, Connect To The “Care-Factor”

Before I go on stage to speak at an event, I always pace. I walk back and forth through a hallway or wander the foyer mumbling my lines and breathing deeply. Inevitably, at least one person will stop and ask me if I still get nervous. My answer has always been the same. “Yes. And… Read More

The Awesome Realization Of Why It’s Better That Things Didn’t Work Out

Besides deciding to just not give a damn, realizing why it’s better that things didn’t work out is the best way to lighten up and live with more ease. So much stress is created by┬áthinking that things are going “wrong” and worrying that things aren’t going to work out, so when you start noticing that… Read More

Why I Don’t Believe In “Bad Karma” (or any karma for that matter)

A friend of mine, who is dealing with an injury, recently texted me and asked, “Why did I deserve this?“. My friend believes in karma and is perplexed at how, given that she is a “good” person, life has handed her such a crappy situation. In my attempt to answer my bewildered friend’s question, here… Read More

Whatever You’re Thinking, Feeling, Or Going Through Is Natural

“By nature, all living things are imperfect.” – Paul Hudson (Elite Daily) For about a month this fall I felt rather “blue”. It was nothing that sent me under the covers for days or weeks on end, but it was a few degrees south of contentment mixed with bouts of anxiety and an ongoing sense… Read More

Rather Than Trying To Be Better, Can You Just Be?

“Rather than try to be better at yoga today, can you just be?” That was the question my yoga teacher recently asked at the beginning of class. As I was pondering her question, I thought, “Oh, I can do that. I write and┬áspeak about surrender and acceptance all the time.” About half-way through class, the… Read More

Do You Believe What Life Has Shown You Time And Time Again?

When it comes to living with more ease, I’m the first one to sing the praises of hanging out in the present moment, however, I will now contradict myself and recommend looking back at your past. By gazing back at the path behind you, you will notice that life has some habits and patterns in… Read More

Try Giving Up All Hope

Hope gets a great deal of good publicity. At face value, to hope indicates an intrepid spirit who is relentless in their pursuit of happiness. We are taught that it’s the one thing we will always have and to never give it up. It even floats. It may come with a much shinier facade, but… Read More

What If Life Was Just A Game? (Life Viewed Through The Lens Of A Spiritual Warrior On A Mission)

What if life was actually just a game? What if you were a divine being (a soul) having a human experience who agreed to come down here and exist in physical form to play the game? And what if the game was a series of tests, adventures, and quests that have been strategically placed to… Read More