Susan Stewart Speaking Ottawa


YOU GOTTA LAUGH: Healing Stress With Humour

Of course, you don’t gotta laugh, it’s just that you can – it’s always an option – that’s the freedom of choice we were born with – we are always free to choose how we want to respond to our circumstances. In this entertaining hour, Susan will remind your group how important it is to not take things too seriously and share some ways to see the lighter side of life.

“…a first class presenter who made us all laugh our heads off while allowing us to learn how not to take ourselves too seriously. Susan is the perfect package!” – Mena Kelly, Ottawa Catholic School Board

Why Science Wants Us To Lighten Up

This interactive presentation is based on the scientific research that has proven that 75% of our professional success is determined by our interest in feeling good and our ability to be resilient in the face of adversity. In her signature comedic style, Susan examines the findings that have led to that statistic by revealing the truth about the relationship between happiness and success, the biological advantages of a “positive brain”, what truly makes us happy, and three simple ways to put the powers of a positive mindset to work.

“Susan was fabulous, funny, entertaining and sincere in her delivery. I would highly, highly recommend her. She rocked the house!!!!” – Sandra Tisiot, Women In Business Conference

A Comedian’s Journey To Finally Lightening Up (And Taming The Heckler In Her Head)

Susan shares how fear and self-doubt lead her to quit stand-up comedy and how she discovered the healing powers of not taking life (or herself) too seriously. In the humourous style she is best known for, Susan reveals ways we can change our mind to reclaim that joyful true nature we so freely experienced and expressed at the very beginning of our lives.

“Susan kept our attention with important key messages, humour, and energized the entire room!” – Donalda McCabe, City of Toronto

YOUR NEW LENSES ARE READY FOR PICK UP: Seeing Changes And Challenges In A New “Light”

This program is a lighthearted reminder that there is always more than one way of seeing things and shares ways to view (and interpret) circumstances that create resiliency in the face of adversity.

“It’s not often that a speaker engages her audience as Susan did and left them wanting more.
There were many laughs and ah-ha moments. Our audience left our event relaxed and better prepared to manage challenges, as a result.” – Diana Zanin, DBM Canada


In this lighthearted presentation, Susan shares a dramatic change that occurred in her career several years ago that reveals our common sources of struggle with change and powerful truths about change. Based on lessons she learned the hard way, Susan will offer your group three ways to see change that can lessen the struggle and help them face uncertainty with a positive outlook, and of course, a sense of humour.

“Our employees absolutely LOVED Susan. Everyone in the audience was able to relate on some level to Susan’s message. Her presentation was both uplifting and funny.” – Carrie Froehler, Portage College


This hour is 100% pure comedy and Susan will leave your group feeling energized and seeing the lighter side of life.

“Susan’s upbeat, laughter-filled presentation ended the conference on a high note…” – Lina Di Carlo, Occupational Health Nurses Association