On a mission to heal the stress people endure from what they tell themselves and believe about their circumstances, Susan Stewart tells the truth – the truth that life can be hard, the truth that you are always free to choose how you want to respond to life, and the truth that the reason you are here having this human experience is to see (and be) the light amidst the darkness.

With sharp wit and a wide-open heart, With sharp wit and a wide-open heart, shares her struggles and what helps her meet adversity with humour and a positive outlook.

Professionally speaking, Susan has taken a winding road. After earning a Theatre Arts degree from the University of Waterloo, Susan moved to Toronto and began performing stand-up comedy. Five years into her budding comedy career, fear, self-doubt, and negative self-talk manifested into depression and anxiety which led Susan to quit doing comedy and uncertain if she would be able to perform on stage again.

After leaving stand-up comedy, Susan landed a Human Resources position with the Ontario Government –  a very long story and feel free to laugh. During her career as an Organizational Learning and Development Consultant, Susan was asked to present a comical presentation about wellness at a staff meeting. Susan’s presentation was a smash-hit and since that day she has been touring around North America using her comedic powers for good, rather than evil.

After Susan returned to the stage, she began a personal journey of healing and improving her mental health by exploring spirituality, mindfulness, yoga, and Buddhism.

After all of Susan’s research, sun salutations, meditating, chanting, praying, and Oprah, she has learned that the reason we humans are so stressed is that we think too much. And by that, we believe our negative thoughts too much and allow them to tip us into that downward spiral. Just because you think something, doesn’t mean it’s true.

Let’s see what happens when your group doesn’t take life too seriously and more importantly, their perceptions and thoughts about life too seriously.

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Announcing the launch of Susan’s new book!

Susan’s latest book is a delightful combination of comedy and inspiration that will help you meet life with a positive outlook, a resilient spirit, and of course, a sense of humour.