Picture Susan Stewart

I am a seeker with a sense of humour. I am constantly challenging old beliefs, thought patterns, and points of view that drag us down. I am always finding new ways to see life from perspectives that lift us up.

I am a writer, but first and foremost, I am a performer and a comedian. I love the stage. My passion for performing is a combination of wanting to entertain and wanting to help people change the lenses through which they view the world. Laughter is the experience and transformation is the outcome. Think stand-up comedy meets inspirational speaking.

I offer the art and practice of seeing the lighter side of life. The art is optimism and embracing life’s impermanent nature and unpredictability. The practice is mindfulness — cultivating awareness in order to deliberately choose perspectives that allow us to work and live with more ease.

Professionally speaking, I’ve taken a winding road. After earning a degree in theatre arts from the University of Waterloo, I began performing stand-up comedy. Five years into my comedy career, I decided to hang up my microphone – the fame and paparazzi attention just got to be too much.

After leaving comedy, I landed a Human Resources position with the Ontario government – long story and feel free to laugh. It was my career as an Organizational Learning and Development Consultant that led me back on stage and become a funny motivational speaker. Since 2008, I have been delivering my unique brand of humour at events throughout North America.

Now, at one point, you may have thought to yourself, “Boy, she looks so much like Ellen!” Thank you. I take that as a big compliment. Yes, we do have the same haircut and make similar fashion choices, and I too am on a mission to bring laughter and light to the world one audience at a time.

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So far, I have written “Reaching The Laugh Resort: Why The Journey To Being Who You Really Are Is Worth The Jet Lag” and “Your New Lenses Are Ready For Pick Up: A Guide To Seeing The Lighter Side Of Life”. I have also co-authored “From The Stage To The Page – Life Lessons From Four Funny Ladies”.