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How Goals Can Mess With Your Sense Gratitude

Thanks to Oprah and our constant consumption of inspirational quotes on Facebook, we get it – we get that gratitude is a thing. In fact, we’re so jazzed about it now we have gratitude journals, we make our kids tell us the one thing they are grateful for at dinner or bedtime, and complaining about… Read More

5 Truths About Happiness

1. There is a difference between fleeting happiness and long-term happiness. Fleeting happiness is short-lived and almost entirely created by your external circumstances. If you are on a beach in Mexico sipping a margarita on a warm, sunny day, you are probably going to be happy. Other the other hand, being a happy person (experiencing long-term… Read More

From The Dark To The Light…Life Lessons From Late Night Host, CoCo

I want to say right off the top that I have never seen a complete episode of any show that Conan O’Brien has hosted including his last night on The Tonight Show. It’s absolutely nothing personal toward CoCo –  I’m just not a “night hawk” and if for some reason I’m actually awake past 11:00pm,… Read More

There’s Lots More Where That Came From!

I, like many people, have been praying for the people of Haiti since the devastating earthquake and after-shocks took place there this past week. I, like many people, went online and made a donation to offer the little help I can give. A few minutes after I sent my donation, an email arrived in my… Read More