YOUR NEW LENSES ARE READY FOR PICK-UP: Seeing Change In A Whole New “Light”

This light-hearted program will provide your group with powerful shifts in how they view and think about change that can improve how they respond to the unknown and the unplanned. Your group will receive an opportunity to examine their existing thought patterns and belief systems and consider new ways of seeing change that can keep stress at bay and place them in a calm, positive mindset that will allow them to thrive and fulfill their potential. Through exploring mindful practices, soulful perspectives, and relaxation techniques, your group will leave equipped and empowered to change the way change changes them!

This session offers 4 main stress reduction strategies: Acceptance: Letting go of expectations to avoid resisting the changes that unfold. Attention: Noticing one’s perceptions and thoughts and consciously choosing to see their circumstances for exactly for what they are. Appreciation: Being mindful of the past changes and challenges in our life which prove that everything (absolutely everything) is progress. Alleviation: How to trigger the relaxation response if and when chronic stress sets in (deep breath meditation, laughter, and play).

Your Group Will Take Away:

• An understanding of the key professional advantages of a positive mindset

• A stronger sense of empowerment over their experiences with change

• A higher awareness and understanding of the role perceptions and thoughts play in their experiences

• New perspectives about the role of change in our lives and why change happens

• A set of peaceful thoughts that can keep stress at bay when change unfolds at work or in life

• Information, insights and tools that will help them cultivate a peaceful, joyful, and vibrant career and life

* this program can be delivered as a 45 min. – 90 min. keynote speech as well

“It’s not often that a speaker engages her audience as Susan did and left them wanting more. There were many laughs and “ah-ha” moments. Our audience left our event relaxed and better prepared to manage change and challenges as a result.” – Diana Zanin, DBM Canada

THE CAFFEINE-FREE “AWAKENED” WORK DAY: Managing Changes & Challenges Through Higher Awareness

This light-hearted and interactive program offers your group information and practical tools to help them work and live with a higher consciousness to reduce stressful thoughts (and keep those nasty stress hormone levels down!) when changes and challenges unfold. Your group will explore 3 main strategies to help them be peaceful and resilient as they go about their busy day at work.

Attention: The practice of paying close attention to how we view and think about what we observe. This portion of the program explores the powerful role we play in the stress response and how the mind-body connection operates.

Mindfulness: The practice of consciously choosing peaceful perceptions and thoughts about challenging events, situations, and people come our way. Your group will explore various shifts in consciousness and some soulful perspectives that can reduce the production of stressful thoughts and hence, keep the stress response at bay.

Stillness: The powerful habit of regularly creating space and time to still the mind through “wordless” activities that trigger the relaxation response when stressful thoughts and tension sets in. Your group will explore the relaxing and re-energizing powers of deep breath meditation, laughter, and play.

Your Group Will Take Away:

• A greater understanding of the role our perceptions and thoughts play in our experiences with chronic stress (and chronic peace!)

• A higher awareness of the mind-body connection and the major flaw in its system (your body can’t tell the difference between real danger and perceived danger!)

• A set of key shifts in consciousness (ways of being and thinking) that can help them be peaceful when changes and challenges (stressors) unfold at work and in life

• Awareness of activities that they can insert into their daily routine that reduce physical and mental tension and trigger the release of endorphins which result in that oh-so-beloved calm feeling (the relaxation response)

• Inspiration to cultivate more mindfulness in their professional and personal life because every feeling has a chemical equivalent – we CAN make the mind-body connection work for us…it just takes awareness!

“Susan’s presentation was bang on! Her use of humour and real-life moments added greatly to her very serious topic.” – Kathy Bouma, Fanshawe College

*a non-organizational/personal development version of this workshop is available as well

THE CAFFEINE-FREE “AWAKENED” WORK DAY (FOR LEADERS): Engaging Your Players Through Higher Awareness

Without the aid of any extra coffee or tea, this interactive and playful program explores what human nature, human behaviour, and science are showing us about what currently motivates and helps people to perform at a high level. A leader who has an “Awakened Work Day” consciously chooses a way of being and seizes opportunities to engage with their team members in ways that match what people are now drawn to and now responding to in the workplace. By leading your leaders through discussions and fun activities, Susan will reveal her “5 Habits Of Mindful Leadership” that will help them reconnect their players to their true nature and foster a workplace that inspires great work.

Your Leaders Will Take Away:

• An awareness of what neuroscience and psychology are proving about the positive effects of joy and intrinsic rewards in the workplace are having on motivation levels, performance, and relationships

• A clear understanding of the differences between Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation and how current human behaviour is demonstrating a shift toward a desire for work and workplace environment to appeal to our true nature

• A set of daily habits that honour our true nature and are aligned with what now triggers motivation and inspiration in people

“Susan has been the buzz of the Family Health Division since last week! My Thursday was filled with numerous conversations and reflections of her session. It was a great workshop and she is amazing to work with!” – Jane Carkner, Peel Region Public Health