Susan Stewart Speaking Ottawa

Programs (45 min – 90 min)


Are you looking to bring your group together online to celebrate the holiday season? In this entertaining program, Susan provides a comical review of 2020 as she talks about working at home, physical distancing, and the perks to wearing a mask in public. Susan will give your group the gift of laughter and share some ways to see the lighter side of life in these challenging times.

“We had about 180+ attendees and although their cameras were off, the chat was going crazy!
Susan was hilarious, engaging, and most importantly relatable. In a time of uncertainty we really have to make it a choice to be happy and Susan really made it easy that day.”
– Natasha Thompson, PepsiCo Foods Canada

“I could see everyone laughing and throwing their heads back! Someone at the end of Susan’s program wrote “I feel lighter”. There were so many positive messages of gratitude and appreciation of Susan’s message shared in the chat. – Fariyal Rehmat, Doctors Of BC

YOU GOTTA LAUGH: Healing Stress With Humour

An hour packed full of laughs, Susan will give your group the lift they need by sharing some ways to see the lighter side of the changes and challenges we face both at work and in life.

“…a first-class presenter who made us all laugh our heads off while allowing us to learn how not to take ourselves too seriously. Susan is the perfect package!” – Mena Kelly, Ottawa Catholic School Board


In the comedic style she is known for, Susan will have your group laughing at how we can take things too seriously and reveal the benefits of having a relaxed, positive mindset.

“Susan is an incredibly thought-provoking and hilarious speaker whose ideas and messages are incredibly easy to relate to. If you are looking for a top-notch speaker who is easy to work with and will make a profound impact on your group, look no further than Susan.” – Kyle Armstrong, McMaster University

YOUR NEW LENSES ARE READY FOR PICK UP: Seeing Adversity And Uncertainty In A New “Light”

This program examines our freedom of choice. We are always free to choose how we want to perceive, interpret, and respond to the external world. As scientific research has proven, 90% of our experience (such as stress or happiness) is based on how we process our circumstances. The lenses through which we view things (and the narrative we tell ourselves) almost entirely shapes our reality and profoundly determines our potential to “synthesize” happiness in the face of adversity or uncertainty. In her signature comedic style, Susan will point out some “annoying features” of the brain that can create stress and offer some shifts in perspective that can boost our mood, increase our resiliency, and nurture our mental health.

*a version of this program that focuses solely on the topic of change is also available

“Susan’s energy is infectious! Susan does a really great job of breaking down big concepts into small nuggets that you can use to help you in your daily life. Susan will make you laugh from your belly and has a way of warming your heart and seeing the lighter side of life.” – Amy Ly, Ontario Hospital Association

THE MENTAL HEALTH MAKE-OVER: How Depression Helped Me Lighten Up

A program that both entertains and inspires, Susan shares how depression (and anxiety) once led her to quit stand-up comedy and what she has learned about nurturing strong mental health.

“There are very few individuals who can capture an audience, entertain, motivate and offer hope. Her words illustrated vivid imagery that the audience related to on a personal level and will be talking and laughing about for months to come.” – Pam Boniferro, Peel District Catholic School Board


This program is 100% pure PG-rated corporate-friendly stand-up comedy! Susan will send your group off energized, uplifted, and seeing the lighter side of life!

“Susan’s upbeat, laughter-filled presentation ended the conference on a high note…” – Lina Di Carlo, Occupational Health Nurses Association