Your Greatest Joys Have One Thing In Common: Adversity

Think about your life’s crowning glories. Your highest highs. Your happiest of days. They shine just a little brighter and warm your heart just a little more than all the other fond memories you have collected along your path because you triumphed in some way.

For all the joys on earth, few compare to those days in the sun when you achieved against the odds, succeeded in the face of fear, or found love where there seemed to be none.

Your greatest joys are all those times you rose from the ashes.

Have you ever noticed that in order for you to rise, the poor odds, fear, and loneliness, had to come first?

Look back at the path behind you and see how your life has always be bettering itself – one struggle after another.

Yet when these very challenges, these opportunities to overcome setbacks, and these gateways to glory come our way, we all too often just see them as plain ol’ problems. We forget the past history we have with them and react with the same ol’ disdain and disillusionment.

Every time life takes our world and shakes it around like a snow globe, we slip into the same state of amnesia. We can’t or don’t recall that overcoming this will usher in a brighter day than we’ve known before.

We’re like those soap opera characters that have an amazing knack for never referring to the past and by not connecting the dots, we miss out on the chance to trust what life has shown us time and time again and that is your issues aren’t random, they’re by design.

Adversity is a well-planned, well-timed, and well-orchestrated event divinely placed along your path and those ashes are why you know the exhilaration of rising up.

Look back and see what the universe has been up to this whole time.

And then maybe, just maybe, the next time you’re climbing yet another mountain, you’ll know a great joy is waiting for you on the other side because you’ve caught on to the fact that your life isn’t great in spite of the challenges that you face, your life is great because of the challenges you face.

2 thoughts on “Your Greatest Joys Have One Thing In Common: Adversity

  1. Kathy Bungay (was Proctor)

    I love the blatant truth of this article! Thanks for sharing your insight.
    I will share this one with my staff.

    Have a terrific summer and I hope our paths cross again,


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