Change Is Hard, Except When It Totally Rocks

The temporary nature of everything in this world can be tough. We want (or even expect) things to remain the same and we desperately reach for that feeling of security and then inevitably a set of our circumstances are replaced by a new set of circumstances. Nothing is static.

Just as you try to get the ground up under your feet and try to feel settled, your relationship goes ka-boom, your department at work gets reorganized, or (God forbid) your hair stylist moves out of town.

The way change constantly rearranges the furniture can be maddening if you just want to sit down and relax for a minute.

Now, of course, in the face of change you can rock out some good ol’ optimism and see it as an opportunity. And you can go all spiritual and trust that life is taking you down a path that you didn’t know you’re supposed to take.

Another way to cozy up to uncertainty and insecurity is being aware of the fact that change also totally rocks.

Have you ever noticed how the temporary nature of everything has worked in your favour?

Just like all storms eventually pass, cold winters give way to the warmth of the sun, and the darkness turns to light, the temporary nature of things is why no adversity in your life has lasted forever. The fact that nothing is permanent is why you can look back on your challenges rather than still facing all of them right here in this moment.

As singer/songwriter, Jann Arden, so brilliantly states in one of her songs, “Everything must change and so it does.” Everything being the important word there.

When you’re going through hell, keep going because one day this will become yet another chapter in your past. The furniture will be set up in a completely different way and you’ll be so thankful for the change.

The change that has taken your life and shaken it like a snow globe in the most frustrating and inconvenient ways has also shaken it just as you thought you were going to have to face a challenge or fight a certain battle forever. Your defiant teenager eventually matured. Your terrible boss eventually left the building – or you did. Your epic divorce finally got settled.

Eventually the flux of life comes along and helps you see a brighter day. Because nothing stays the same, the pain eventually goes away.

While it can be so easy to resist change, once and awhile marvel at how the flux of life has  saved your sanity more times than it has challenged it.


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